Current Wildfire Status on NorCal Fires

Updated: Oct. 26, 2017

There are currently still ten significant wildfires burning in California. The largest and most destructive of which are the catastrophic wildfires in Sonoma, Napa, Butte, Mendocino, Lake, Solano, Yuba and Nevada counties. To date, these fires have caused 42 fatalities and 185 injuries, including 22 deaths in Sonoma County, 7 deaths in Napa County, 8 deaths in Mendocino County and 4 deaths in Yuba County. Cal Fire has made tremendous progress in all the wildfires. The more humid weather of the past few days has allowed Cal Fire to gain significant ground on these fires.

The Sonoma and Napa County fires have been the most destructive in terms of human fatalities, structures destroyed and acreage burned. Currently the Nuns/Adobe Fire (which is combination of five fires merging, the Nuns, Adobe, Norbom, Pressley, Partrick and Oakmont Fires) has burned 56,565 acres and is 94% contained. The Tubbs Fire has destroyed 36,807 acres and is 95% contained. The Pocket Fire has destroyed 17,357 acres and is 87% contained. Combined the Nuns/Adobe, Tubbs and Pocket Fire has destroyed 7,000 structures and caused 24 fatalities. Most of these fatalities (22) and structure losses (5,500) occurred in the Tubbs Fire.

The Atlas Fire in Napa and Solano Counties is currently 96% contained and has destroyed 51,624 acres along with 785 structures, including 445 single-family homes and 19 commercial properties, as well as causing 6 fatalities.

The Redwood Valley Fire in Mendocino County has burned 36,523 acres and is now 100% contained. The Redwood Fire has destroyed over 545 structures and caused 8 fatalities. The Sulphur Fire in Lake County has burned 2,207 acres and is currently 94% contained. The Redwood Valley and Sulphur Fire have combined to destroy over 700 structures, including 447 single-family residences.

The LaPorte Fire in Butte County, the Cascade Fire in Yuba County and the Lobo Fire in Nevada County have all been 100% contained as of October 18. However, prior to containment these fires burned almost 17,000 acres with the Cascade Fire burning 9,989 acres and the LaPorte Fire burning 6,151. These fires destroyed 398 structures including 203 single-family homes and caused 4 fatalities (all occurred in Cascade Fire). The official cause of these fires is still listed as unknown.

Combined the Northern California fires have caused 42 fatalities, destroyed over 8,700 structures, including 5,449 residences, 601 commercial properties and partially destroyed another 4,177 residences, burned over 250,000 acres and forced over 100,000 people to evacuate.